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Raising Our Pigs


Pasture Raised
We raise our pigs on pasture their entire lives, the way nature intended. They graze, forage, and play in the mud.

We use a rotational grazing system to ensure the pigs are always on fresh ground. Our pigs grow slower this way, but produce meat with exceptional marbling and superior taste. Pasture raised pork has lower levels of saturated fat and higher levels of vitamins and omega-3s.

All Natural
Our pigs are never given steroids or antibiotics. We take great pride in treating our animals humanely and providing them with the highest quality of life. We never clip tails, teeth, or restrict their natural rooting ability with rings in their nose.

Our pigs’ diets consist of non-medicated locally milled grains, planted pasture, acorns, fruits, and veggies.

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